1st Choice Marine, Transit or Comprehensive Insurance

For many transport operators it is tempting to allow insurance go, mainly if your goods are not valuable adequate to insure. But over and over again it can be difficult to measure the true value of your goods and the number of exposure you experienced.

When ever your marine transit and cargo insurance require, 1st Choice Packers and Movers has a solution for you! Whether you are a producer, trader or distributor, the need for security about goods value, Marine, Transit or comprehensive Insurance requires. Marine insurance is a fundamental part of global trade and is needed by anybody who is engaged transiting goods. Imagine, if your goods were misplaced, destroyed or damaged for that you need to have marine insurance for claim.

Reasons to covers Marine Insurance

The word marine transit/cargo insurance in reality covers the transportation of goods

by Air, Sea, Road, Rail or any combination from source location to final location. This particular type of insurance will compensate the owner against damage or physical loss, that have been keep as an insured threat (fire, theft, natural calamities) during the transportation.

Meet your needs with Marine Policy…

Our customers with whom we worked in past and they were satisfied with our services, they have saved their money by insuring the transportation of their goods on a yearly marine policy instead of paying regularly when goods are imported. At 1st Choice, we will discuss in detail about your insurance requirements, and after that we will find out the insurance market for your marine policy that meets your need. We deal with the chief insurance companies which help us to find appropriate solution for you. This is of way we backed up with our outstanding service and exceptionally at competitive prices.

Following are two types of Marine Insurance:

Marine Cargo Insurance

- Goods in Transit “flooring to flooring” cover up for single transits.
- Home stuffing in transit cover.
- Covers any type of damage or loss to goods in transit in India or imports/exports to and from India.

Marine Carriers Insurance

- Transportation of cargo whether by road, rail, sea or air.
- It can cover stock, livestock, equipment, liquids, refrigerated produce etc.
- It covers truck owner-operator against loss or damage to goods in transit in India.
- Comprehensive insurance at all point

Why you should select Transit, Marine or Comprehensive Insurance from 1st Choice

When you speak with our staff you will speak to people who understand your business and can offer you comprehensive insurance cover with competitive premiums.To provide clients with the high level protection against all risks during the transportation of goods and merchandise, 1st Choice Packers and Movers offers Marine Cargo Insurance.The Marine Cargo Insurance covers loss / damage during the movement of cargo from one port / country to another. The conveyance can be by Sea, Air, Rail or Road. Policies are customized according to specific requirements from our clients. Marine transit insurance is essential for protection of your valuable import or export cargo while in transit.

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